Like countless others today, I’m back from vacation  — and looking to dig out from the mail and e-mails that have built up, and the unread blog posts over the last 10 days.

Avoiding the temptation to just "delete all", here are a few of the blog posts I’ve starred (you ARE using Google Reader, right?) that are worth reading to figure out what you’ve been missing over the holidays.

Pursuant to a new Rule published yesterday by the EEOC, employers can take Medicare into account when structuring retiree health benefit packages without violating the age discrimination laws. The rule clarifies the long standing practice of most companies that provide retiree health benefits, by which they reduce their health insurance expenses for retired workers once they turn 65 and qualify for Medicare. In other words, employers can lawfully spend more on retirees under the age of 65 years than those over 65 without running afoul of age discrimination laws.

As you can see, plenty of folks worked through the holidays to keep up on things. 

Now, if only everyday were a "Zero E-mail Friday".  

Best wishes in 2008.