Is the fight over the Paid Sick Leave bill still on? That’s the tantalizing question raised by the CT News Junkie on Tuesday, due in part to various rallies being held.  The answer seems a little clearer, but I’ll get to that in a moment….

Let me back up.. As you may recall, the General Assembly failed to act on the bill before its regular session ended last month. But today, the General Assembly is being called into special session ostensibly to deal with a real estate conveyance tax

And once the General Assembly is back in session, lots of groups want to see their pet bill brought back from the dead.

Which brings me back to the Paid Sick Leave bill:

Rep. Kevin Ryan, D-Oakdale, said time ran out during the regular legislative session and while the House wanted to take it up, it was afraid the debate on the bill would get cut short on the last day of the session as the legislature tried to finish as much business as possible.

Jon Green, executive director of the Working Families Party, said they were promised that it would be added to the special session agenda, if it wasn’t passed during the regular session.

But Democratic leadership in both the House and the Senate have said Paid Sick Days is not part of their game plan Wednesday.

So, while anything can happen, it appears that the Paid Sick Leave bill will not be brought up again this year.

Just wait until next year…unless Congress gets there first.