Wednesday marked the sixth-year anniversary for the Jottings by an Employer’s Lawyer blog, courtesy morgue file "birthday"written by Michael Fox.  With over 1800 posts and lots of readers (and still on an outmoded platform as Michael acknowledges), it remains a premier site for a discussion of labor & employment law issues. 

In fact, well before I started to write this blog, I looked to Michael’s blog and other blogs for inspiration.

So let me add my congratulations to Michael on his anniversary and my thanks to him for helping to set the foundation for the many employment law blogs out there.

Michael continues his contributions today with a terrific list up of nearly 50 labor & employment law blogs along with references to our earlier posts.  (It’s obviously a good list when the Connecticut Employment Law Blog is referenced.) 

If you’re looking for some new perspectives on employment law, it’s worth checking out some of these sites.  Each provides something new and unique to the field.