As expected, President Bush a little earlier today signed the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 into law.  The Act becomes effective January 1, 200President Bush, circa 2006, at White House9. The Associated Press has the early details and noted that the bill was signed without public comment or fanfare:

With his father looking on, President Bush on Thursday signed legislation expanding the protections afforded by the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act to those who can use medication or other devices to treat impairments.

I’ve previously summarized the law in a post last week which can be found here.

Various groups have issued press releases touting the bill again. (As you might imagine, each time something happens on the bill, there’s a flurry of press releases that all pretty much say the same thing.) You can read the American Diabetes Association’s release here.  NAM’s blog post on the subject last week is more than sufficient to get the management reaction to the bill.