The slow season of employment law news continues, which makes this a perfect time to roll-out the occasional Quick Takes post to discuss interesting nuggets and updates to recent posts.

The 62 year-old plaintiff was fired from his job as Chief Financial Officer of a shoe importing company. The defendant argued that plaintiff was fired for cost-cutting reasons. The district court thought the jury could only find that cost-cutting was the real reason, not the plaintiff’s age. But the plaintiff produced evidence that he was willing to work for a lower salary and that the corporate vice president repeatedly told the president that plaintiff was too old and that the president capitulated to the vice president’s wishes that plaintiff be terminated. Management had also openly joked about plaintiff’s age on several occasions. Plaintiff was also replaced by a 26 year-old.

  • Will the Employee Free Choice Act pass in the new Congress? World of Work blog suggests that EFCA is not a done deal
  • A new blog, Minding the Workplace, made its debut this month.  Written by Suffolk University Law Professor, David Yamada, the target audience of the blog is workplace dignity, bullying and psychological health topics.  It’s worth taking a look at for a different perspective on the issues.
  • The New York Law Journal today reports on a new Second Circuit case that enacts a less deferential standard of review under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act where the plan administrator is conflicted because it both evaluates eligibility and pays benefits. In McCauley v. First Unum Life Insurance Co.

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