Late today, Fox61 (also known as WTIC-TV) released the following statement in response to the publicity surrounding the complaint brought by Shelly Sindland (which I covered last night):

Although WTIC-TV typically does not comment on personnel matters, in this case, because of the personal nature of Ms. Sindland’s attacks on the station and her colleagues, we feel we must respond by saying emphatically that this complaint has no merit and that WTIC-TV will vigorously defend itself in this matter. WTIC-TV takes very seriously allegations of discrimination, harassment and retaliation, all of which are prohibited by company policy.

The company’s strong denial of such claims is of no surprise.  Indeed, because of the Tribune Company’s strong "zero tolerance" for discrimination and harassment, anything less from the company would have signaled that the company had issues it wanted aired out.

Various press coverage of the complaint has been slowly trickling, with the Hartford Courant finally releasing a story about the complaint on its website late this afternoon.

The story has also been picked up in various legal circles as well, including the national Above the Law legal tabloid, which featured this blog’s post prominently. Moreover, the Law and More blog suggests that the story falls serves as a nice bookend to the Connecticut media’s coverage of "Travis-gate".

I’ll have more about the legal implications of this matter in the coming days.