Think Facebook is just for kids? Or think that Twitter is for the birds? Do you wonder what all the fuss is over social media? Are you hopelessly lost trying to bring your company up to speed with all the social media and networking platforms out there?

The next webinar I’ll be presenting (August 12th at noon EDT) at tackles these distinctly 21st century developments from an employment law perspective.  (You can register here.) At this webinar, I’lll discuss the basics of some of the most popular social media platforms and the effect and implications that these sites have on your workplace.  

The webinar will also discuss potential policies and procedures that can be implemented to ensure that your company takes advantage of the latest technologies (while keeping productivity and security high).   Although the webinar will have a Connecticut base, it’ll discuss laws that affect employers nationwide.  And most importantly, my first hand experience with these sites can hopefully separate out fact from fiction.

Best of all: The webinar is free of charge.

While I’ve covered some of this before on the blog, the webinar will hopefully pull everything together in a quick 45-60 minute program that you can view during lunch (or breakfast for those out on the West Coast).  Hope to "see" some of you on there.

The early numbers on the webinar show a great deal of excitement about the topic so be sure to sign up today before we max out.