Kudos to the Connecticut Bar Association for setting up a free teleseminar tomorrow on the swine (H1N1) flu and the effects on the legal workplace.  Although I will be speaking on some of the legal aspects of the flu, this seminar promises to be different than other seminars because it will feature two state health officials with knowledge and expertise in this particular outbreak.

In this teleconference, you can learn specific steps as to how to implement infection control policies and procedures and how employers can prepare for the epidemic and protect your workplace.

Dr. Albert Geetter, Section Chief of the Office of Public Health Preparedness, will give an overview of the H1N1 flu, what we are currently experiencing clinically in Connecticut, and the status of the H1N1 vaccine program. Attorney Marianne Horn, Connecticut Department of Public Health, will report on the continuing operations planning Governor Jodi Rell has required of each state agency.

I will provide detailed information on the legal ramifications of the flu in the workplace and how to craft an appropriate business continuity policy to deal with the pandemic. The seminar will also benefit lawyers who represent clients that are employers.

To access the teleseminar, please dial: 1(866)206-0240 and enter the participant pin: 145380 (followed by the pound sign).  No registration required.

There is no doubt that the H1N1 flu is now impacting Connecticut in increasing numbers and an official designation of Connecticut as having a "widespread" flu outbreak is very likely this week.  Just because your workplace hasn’t yet been affected, do not let that sway you.  Indeed, one thing you’ll hear about is that even after this current wave subsides, we’re likely to see a third wave of H1N1 flu this spring.

For further information, you can check the CT Flu Watch site or the federal government’s Flu.gov site. Both are excellent and have resources that we will be discussing tomorrow.