With the swine (H1N1) flu vaccine production running slower than anticipated, the hope that workplaces would avoid the full effects of a pandemic is slowly diminishing.   Interesting, Connecticut is one of just 9 states that are not reporting a widespread swine flu outbreak (perhaps because the first wave hit the state fairly hard).

The next month or two will certainly be interesting around the workplace.  The H1N1 Virus continues to spread around the country, a new vaccine is ready to be rolled out that experts hope will stave off further infections.  And employers are, in some cases, holding their collective breath that the vaccine wins out so

With a new wave of swine flu (H1N1) predicted to hit in the upcoming weeks. the Centers for Disease Control released new updated guidance yesterday for employers with recommended actions for businesses to take. (H/T Ohio Employer’s Law Blog)

The guidance can be found in two documents: