My sincere thanks to my colleague, Joshua Hawks-Ladds for being the featured speaker today in the continuing monthly webinar series we’ve been doing on hot topics in employment law.

This month’s webinar focused on the unintended employment relationship; in other words, everything you wanted to know about temps, independent contractors and even franchisees (and their employees).  We had another great turnout and some great questions.

Through the wonders of technology, even if you missed it earlier, you can still get the benefits of the webinar. You can download the audio/video of the presentation here (it runs about an hour), or, if you prefer, you can just get the PowerPoint slides here.  Both are available anytime at  You can also go to Pullman & Comley’s new website where they will be posted shortly too. 

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Our next webinar is set for December 9th at noon with a topic to be determined.  Just a reminder that the webinars run on the second Wednesday of every month.