While the DC and Baltimore areas continue to struggle with snow, hardy New Englanders are supposed to be battle-tested for snow storms.  And, for the most part we are. Roads are quickly cleared overall and we realize the importance of parking bans to get streets in passable condition.

Except today, the meteorologists won.  Many employers closed or closed early.  Schools across the state closed. And even by this afternoon, it seemed as though that was a premature call. (I know, hindsight is 20/20).  Certainly, it is from the "dogsled"-type conditions that was forecasted.  

I’ve often covered the subject of snow days on this blog (most recently in December) and it remains a popular topic. Several other blogs have tapped into area in the last few days.  Jon Hyman suggested that any severe weather policy be communicated early and that issues such as an employee’s exempt status be examined closely.  

Kris Dunn, of the HR Capitalist blog, tackles the subject from a motivational question noting how the weather continually drains productivity with the constant question: "Are the offices going to be open tomorrow?" 

One of my favorite blogs, the Delaware Employment Law Blog, looks at the exempt classification issue as it relates to snow days.  

Snow days were much more fun as kids. There’s hot chocolate, snow angels, and the prospect of daytime television. For employers and human resources professionals, it makes a tough day just a bit tougher.