It’s supposed to snow Friday here in Connecticut.

In October.

For those of us with memories, we all remember the last time we got substantial snowfall in October in 2011. It ended with lots of power outages and many downed trees. So let’s first hope the snow is just more nuisance than anything else.


With the snow today, my colleague Michael Lavelle has this timely post about call in pay, particularly as it relates to weather-related jobs.  My thanks to Mick for this contribution, as always. 
The winter season brings more weather-related emergencies, and often requires maintenance employees or replacement staff to be on-call with beepers or cell

Last week, I posted on how private employers are not bound by what the state government does in terms of sending home employees early for snow storms.  But that doesn’t mean that private employers ignore what the government does.  Many will send employees home when the state tells non-essential workers they can leave.

Yesterday’s snow