Earlier this month, I posted on a bill pending before the Connecticut General Assembly that would have changed the statute of limitations for filing employment discrimination claims and allowed a Complainant to ask for a release of jurisdiction of the CHRO as soon as possible.

This week, the Labor & Public Employee Committee approved of the bill — with some significant differences than the original bill. 

H.B. 5206 now gives an person who complains to the CHRO the right to opt out of the process any time. The CHRO mutst provide the release within 10 days unless the case has been certified for a public hearing.  The CHRO can defer on the request for 30 days "if the executive director…certifies that he has reason to believe that the complaint may be resolved within that period."

You can view the substitute bill here and the joint favorable report here. 

The bill now moves on to the Judiciary Committee.

(My thanks to my partner Joshua Hawks-Ladds, for his background on this post.)