Along with Brent Robertson from Fathom, I’ll be speaking at tomorrow’s annual CBIA Human Resources Conference in Rocky Hill.   The topic: Social Media — Use and Misuse.

You can download the brochure here and register here.  There are lots of other good programs on the agenda as well.   

For those that follow the blog, the themes we will discuss in our breakout session are some of the common ones I’ve discussed in various posts. 

The key takeaways: Social media is a tool; it’s not inherently good or bad. It’s HOW you and your employees use that tool that will dictate its utility or its harm to your business.

In addition, just because social media is "new" doesn’t mean that you — an an employer – can’t apply the "old" rules. You can still insist that employees preserve confidentiality, for example. 

For the rest, you’ll just have to stop by.  Hope to see a few of you there.