One week from today, I’ll be flying solo at a presentation to the Connecticut Bar Association’s Annual Meeting. Entitled "Up in the Air & In the "Cloud": Social Media & Employment Law", this session will discuss the basics of some of the major social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) plus preview what else is being used (Foursquare, for example). 

I’ll then discuss some of the major employment laws impacted by these sites along with practical suggestions on how attorneys can best address them with clients.  I hope it will be an interactive session because there will be many experienced practitioners in the crowd. 

We’ve already got 50 people "pre-registered" to attend, but you’re welcome to join us.  See you next week. 

And if you’re an attorney in Connecticut and haven’t registered, be sure to do so here. The CBA has completely revamped the meeting this year (along with its website) so be sure to take advantage of all that it has to offer.