CT News Junkie reports this morning that the CHRO has found "reasonable cause" in the gender discrimination complaint filed by former Fox 61 Reporter Shelly Sindland last year. 

According to the report:

Anita Zakrzewski, a Connecticut CHRO investigator, concluded last month in a 23-page report that “the information gathered through the investigative process reveals that workplace conduct occurred that was unwelcome and offensive.”

Topping the list of unwelcome and offensive for Sindland and former anchors Rebecca Stewart and Susan Christensen was the “Naked News” and “Big Boob Fridays” discussion.

For detailed background on the matter, see my prior posts from last year. 

Based on the allegations that were raised, it probably is not an unexpected finding at this stage. What is a bit surprising thus far is that Ms. Sindland has chosen to stay at the state agency rather than merely ask them for a release of jurisdiction to proceed in court.  She may still do so, and perhaps believed that a preliminary finding by the state agency might bolster her position for settlement purposes.

In any event, barring her filing the case in court, the case now potentially proceeds to a public hearing where evidence will be presented to a human rights referee who will oversee the matter.