Welcome to the new Connecticut Employment Law Blog. Take a look around and make yourself comfortable. It’s built with employers and their human resources staff in mind.  But everyone should enjoy the changes.

So what’s changed? Nothing and everything.

Nothing in the sense that the philosophy behind the blog — providing up-to-date practical information for companies either based in or that have offices in Connecticut about labor and employment law — remains the same.

But everything in the sense that the blog has been completely rebuilt. Here are some of the changes we’ve made:

  • The blog has been redesigned with a nice fresh image. It should work well on multiple platforms. I particularly like the way it looks on an iPad.
  • The redesign is more than just looks however. It was designed to address some of the things I’ve wanted to add since starting the blog nearly four years ago.
  • For example, right below the masthead, you’ll see three headlined posts. These will be items that you might have missed the first time around but that I think are particularly important.
  • From time to time, I will also be able to feature a post like this and keep it “sticky” or at the time of the chronology.
  • But even built, we’ve built out a “Manager and HR Representative Resource Center” on the right side.  This area will contain posts that are particularly noteworthy for HR folks.  My goal with this section (which will be updated as the blog continues to develop) is to provide a longer-term resource center.
  • The backend is now on a WordPress platform. What that means for you as a reader is that posts will be seen more quickly and that they should be easier to read as well.
  • We’ve also updated the comments section. Candidly, on the old platform, it was tough monitoring the comments. This should make it easier for people to post and for me to keep track of things without getting overwhelmed with spam.
  • The e-mail distribution is also updated though if you are already an e-mail subscriber, you shouldn’t seen any difference. Later this summer, I may be rolling out a subscriber-only feature as well, but that’s a bit down the road.
  • Also new are additional ways to stay connected to the blog, including a link to the blog’s Facebook page on the right.
  • The “about”, “services” and “contact” pages have also been updated.

Fortunately, all 1100 or so posts of the blog’s first generation have been transferred over so you should be able to continue to use them as resources.

After you’ve taken a look around, drop me a comment or send me a note. I’m very interested in your feedback, particularly for any errors or bugs we might have missed.  But if there are things we have overlooked, let me know that too.  It’s going to take a bit of time to get comfortable with this new home so I appreciate your understanding.

Thanks for all the support you have shown to this blog. I hope this new site continues to exceed your expectations about what you can expect from a blog.