Lots of Tricks

Two days after a freak October snowstorm hit the state, nearly 750,000 households are still without power. In towns all across Connecticut (and where I live), there is literally NO power to the entire town. Where I live, school is likely to be canceled for the whole week and power isn’t expected to return for at least several more days.

Quite a Halloween disaster unfolding here.

Frankly, I wrote about all the employment law issues that arise from a big storm just two months ago, when Hurricane Irene hit the state.

I discussed whether you need to pay employees if your business is closed. (Answer: It depends.) And I discussed “Reporting Time” obligations as well in another post.

But this storm is even bigger and more destructive than that.  People are suffering.  Really suffering. And I’m not just talking about canceling trick-or-treating.

So, if you’re a longtime blog reader and you have power, consider yourself lucky. But also consider making a donation to the various charitable organizations that are helping people now.

If you need a suggestion, try the Gifts of Love. It serves the Farmington Valley which has been among the hardest hit areas.

For everyone else, stay warm and safe.