So yesterday’s post was about being a Miami Hurricane. Today’s? A real-life hurricane/tropical storm (Henri) is making it’s way to Southern New England.

It’s impact here in Connecticut is still very much up in the air as of midday Friday but for employers, this is still another challenge to have to manage.

Thankfully (or not,

We interrupt our normally scheduled post on a recent Second Circuit case….

Monday is an anniversary that many of us in Connecticut will long remember — the anniversary of the big October snowstorm (or “Alfred” as Channel 3 called it).   Combine that storm with Irene earlier in 2011, and we’ve seen more than our

Updated: August 28, 2011 – As of mid-morning, more than 40 percent of the state is without power, making this storm the highest power outage in state history.  Widespread office closures are expected for Monday and early this week.

It’s the (relatively) calm before the storm on Saturday night.  Hurricane Irene is definitely coming.



The official hurricane forecast as of early Wednesday morning has Connecticut squarely in the path of Hurricane Irene. Now is the time to start following the news and begin initial preparations for a possible storm.

Although we’re still many days away, the weather forecasters are starting to sound the alarm of a possible major hurricane named Irene hitting South Carolina and perhaps coming up the East Coast.

Hurricane Irene, 9a, 8/22

It has been twenty years since the last hurricane touched Connecticut and many people have likely forgotten how much damage even an indirect hit from a storm like Bob (back in 1991) can cause.

Each year I’ve written about this topic (most recently back in August 2010)  and so far, each storm that seems a possibility to hit Connecticut turns right or fades away.  Will we be as lucky again this year? Perhaps.

But just in case, now’s the time to dust off your storm-related policies and make sure that you’re set for a hurricane or tropical storm.

What are some things to think about?  Particularly for those employers near the Long Island Sound, you may want to consider the following:
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