January is almost over, which probably seems a little strange to be talking about what happened in 2013.

But as someone who majored in history in college, I’m a firm believer that you can learn a lot by studying the past — even the recent one.

Which is why I’m excited about tomorrow’s presentation that I’m giving to the CBIA’s HR Council.

The topic?  It’s Not Just DOMA: Recent Decisions that Will Impact HR in 2014.  

CBIA members can sign up for just $15 (non-members are just $30).  It will run from 8:30a to 10a at CBIA headquarters.  You can click here to register.

Readers of the blog probably won’t be surprised by the discussion of cases, but I’m hopeful that the discussion will lead to a useful dialogue for attendees.  After all, cases are only useful if you can learn something to take away from them.

Hope to see you there.  If you read the blog, feel free to say hi.