capitolWe’re nearly at the end of the legislative session and the bills are coming fast and furious.

Late Friday, the General Assembly passed a bill (Senate Bill 914) that mandates (rather than allows) double damages to be granted in instances where an employer failed to pay an employee the proper minimum wage or overtime pay.

Courts will still have discretion to determine what may be “allowed” for costs and “reasonable attorney’s fees.”

The bill creates one exception: Under the bill, the double-damage requirement does not apply to employers who establish a good-faith belief that their underpayments were legal. Such employers must, however, pay full damages, plus court costs and attorney’s fees, as those fees are determined by the court.

The bill, if signed by the governor (which is expected), will go into effect October 1, 2015.

I previously discussed this bill back in March here.

As to what else is out there (as of late Sunday evening):