24242102739_3a7ae99d52_mThe state agencies that employers have to deal with the most on employment law issues made two announcements this week regarding their leadership ranks.

The Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities has announced that Michele Mount has been named the Chief Human Rights Referee. Ms. Mount has been a Human Rights referee for the CHRO for the last four years or so.

For employers that go through hearings at the CHRO, the elevation of Ms. Mount won’t change things all that much, but administratively, it’ll be interesting to see if she brings about any changes to that area of the CHRO.

At the Connecticut Department of Labor, interim commissioner Dennis Murphy is moving over to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  By most accounts, Mr. Murphy brought some much needed stability to the DOL and often worked behind the scenes to get things done.  He leaves on February 12th.

Governor Malloy then appointed former Hamden mayor Scott Jackson to head up the CTDOL. Kurt Westby, former political director for 32BJ and a long-time AFL-CIO board member, has been appointed deputy Labor Commissioner.

“I’ve known both Scott and Kurt for a number of years. I am confident that with their extraordinary qualities and skill-sets – they will work with the diverse group of stakeholders to move the Department of Labor forward,” Governor Malloy said. “Scott is a friend and an exceptional public servant. Kurt has spent his career trying to improve the lives of Connecticut residents. I believe they both will work together successfully to ensure that the state’s workforce is successful while enabling and our business community to thrive.”

Of course, much of the CTDOL’s work is done by staff who have been there far longer than any political appointee.    Again, for employers, the selections will likely not impact employers much.

Jackson will start February 3, 2016.

Good luck to all the new appointees.  There’s lots of work left to be done.