Love is in the air. And in the workplace too.

But office romances have hit a 10-year-low, at least according to a new survey from  

Lest you think that office romances are rare – the survey showed that 36 percent of those surveyed had an office romance! Wow.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, a good deal of those romances (over 30 percent!) result in marriage.

So, who am I to quash a viable route to eternal happiness?

But, caselaw has shown that Valentine’s Day also leads to lawsuits. Plenty of them.

This week, I had the opportunity to appear on the Hostile Work Environment podcast where we address what can go wrong on Valentine’s Day.

Some of the cases I discuss are drawn from older blog posts on the subject. 

The main takeaway? Just ignore the holiday in the workplace.  By that I mean, no gifts, no flowers, and especially no Valentine’s Day cards.

Love may keep us to together, but love is a battlefield too. And in the workplace, love leads to lawsuits.

And trust me, no one writes love songs about lawsuits.

You can listen to the full podcast below.