Did you hear the one about the two employment lawyers who walked into a Zoom?

If you know of a good punch line, then you may have figured out that the answer is actually a link: Employment law attorney Eric Meyer (who writes the always topical blog Employer Handbook) and I have a lunchtime webinar scheduled for Friday, January 28th at noon on all things employment law. You can find the link here.

Like most good Zoom sessions, we promise we won’t take ourselves too seriously.  But we will try to talk about the very latest in all the changes in employment law at the White House. The first 10 days of the new administration have shown how much can get done when you have focused leadership.

In addition, Eric has promised we’ll take a few questions so no doubt we’ll talk about the very latest in vaccines and what the new COVID-19 variants may have in store for employers.

Longtime readers of the blog will no doubt remember Eric’s name which goes back to the early days of the blog.  Now a partner at FisherBroyles, Eric has one of the more unique introductions of himself that you will find: “You know that scientist in the action movie who has all the right answers if only the government would just pay attention? If you want a nerdy employment-lawyer brain to help you solve HR-compliance issues proactively before the action sequence, as a Partner of a national law firm, FisherBroyles, LLP, I’m here to help.”

I can’t help but think of Doctor Emmett Brown from my favorite movie.  (Though would that make me Marty McFly?  Perhaps I’ll wear my vest…)

Come join us for this free program, stay for the action sequences, and bring your questions (and your own lunch).