Since the last time I published a list of labor & employment law lawyers to follow back in 2012, there are just a bunch of you out there now using Twitter. (And I presume you’re already following me @danielschwartz, right?)

So, it’s probably time to update my list of labor & employment law-related people to follow on Twitter.

But I’m going to cheat, a little.

Photo Courtesy Library of Congress

Frankly, in looking over my lists from 2009 and 2012, I have a lot of repeats.  So, it should be obvious that some of those should be followed regardless of whether they are on a top 10 list.  (And really, anyone from those lists should be followed too even if I don’t re-mention them here.)So here are four of my “of course, you should already be following them” list:

  • Jon Hyman (@jonhyman) – Publisher of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog. Great insights.
  • Molly DiBianca (@mollydibi) – Runs the Delaware Employment Law Blog with a wicked sense of humor and a self described “genuinely nice person”.
  • Eric Meyer (@eric_b_meyer) – Unfortunately a member of Red Sox nation but provides an irreverant look at employment law on The Employer Handbook.
  • Seth Borden (@SHBorden) – While Seth writes a bit less for Labor Relations Today then he did a few years ago, he has a particularly strong knowledge base in labor law.  Of course, as with Eric, he has a fatal flaw in his love of the Sox, but so be it.

Here are 10 more people to follow on Twitter for labor & employment law.

  1. Robin Shea (@robineshea) – I said back in 2012 that she was perhaps the “best lawyer you’re not following online”.  Still holds true.  Writes the Employment & Labor Insider which is a must read.
  2. Jeff Nowak (@jeffreysnowak) – Jeff knows the Family Medical Leave Act.  Follow him and you will too.
  3. Chai Feldblum (@chaifeldblum) – A self-described “first out lesbian EEOC Commissioner with hidden disability of anxiety disorder”, she provides extraordinary insights into the workings of the EEOC.
  4. Jason Shinn (@jason_shinn) – Jason write the Michigan Law Employment Advisor and consistently nails it. His last article on why delaying employee terminations is inevitably bad for the company is a perfect example.
  5. Paul Callaghan (@paulcall1) – An employment lawyer from over the big pond in London, Paul travels quite a bit to the United States and thus has a different perspective than most.  Plus, I’ve met him at several conferences and like the guy too.
  6. Walter Olson (@walterolson) – I’m kind of surprised I haven’t listed him before. He’s not strictly a labor & employment law person, though his well-known Overlawyered blog features the topic from time to time.
  7. Philip Miles (@philipmiles) – From the middle of Pennsylvania, Philip shares unusual employment law cases and interesting tweets too.
  8. ABA Labor & Employment Law Section (@abalel) – I’ve been involved with the section for a number of years and have met a number of terrific people that you should also be following too (@evilinheels, @adamsforman, @employeerights).   They may not tweet as often as some others, but I can attest that they are highly knowledgeable in the employment law area with a sharp wit as well.
  9. Mara Lee (@MaraLeeCourant) – This one is for the local folks.  Mara covers business and labor issues for the Hartford Courant; one of the few people in the state who is looking at the big picture.  I should also mention that Steven Greenhouse (greenhousenyt), who covers labor issues for The New York Times, is worth a follow as well.
  10. Eric Gjede (@egjede) – A business lobbyist, Eric represents employers’ interests for the Connecticut Business and Industry Association at the legislture on labor & employment law issues.   Bonnie Stewart (@CBIAbonnie), Cindy Panioto (@cbiahr) and others at the CBIA also  tweet noteworthy information for employers in the state regualrly.

And if you’re looking for something a little different, my firm (@shipmangoodwin) and one of my partners, Ross Garber (@rossgarber), also deliver high-quality tweets of interest to people in Connecticut and beyond.

Finally, by the very nature of a list like this, I’ve excluded others.  I’m following about 350 people at the present time on Twitter. Feel free to look at the list for further ideas.

I have no doubt I’m missing a few.  Who else should we be following or mentioning? Who have I forgotten? Feel free to add your favorites to the comments below.