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As I took a bit of a breather with some blog posts, I’m pleased to announce another new episode of the From Lawyer to Employer podcast that I’ve been hosting these last several months.

On the latest episode, I invite Nina Pirrotti, an employee-side attorney who has appeared on this blog many times before, to talk about some of the latest developments in employment law.

We tackle the current state of non-disclosure agreements (including some legislation that is being proposed at the state level), non-compete agreements, and even artificial intelligence.

This 20-minute episode is perfect for your commute or your workout. (Others may say it’s perfect to listen to before bed, but I’m not going to pass along that recommendation).

In any event, my thanks to Nina for joining me on this latest episode. You can find this and all the episodes wherever you get your podcasts. We’ve released five episodes this season with several more on the way.