For companies involved in employment discrimination litigation, there is always a question of how far to push on discovery issues. 

A new case decided this week in U.S. District Court in Connecticut allows employers to push pretty hard to get an employee’s medical and therapist records. In order for that to happen, the employee needs to put

AT&T’s attack on the December 7, 2007 protective order is not unlike Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, sixty six years ago, both were unwarranted and doomed to fail.

Courtesy of U.S. Archives (public domain)So reads a footnote from a December 20, 2007 Order from the United States District Court of Connecticut denying AT&T Service’s request for a reversal of a

Last month, I suggested that there was not necessarily a "crisis" in personnel file litigation in Connecticut, because the rules for personnel files had long been established.  Given that this blog has been discussing document management policies this week, it would be fair to say, however, that many employers could do a better job managing and keeping track of

There’s lots of good content that is out there in the blogosphere and I thought I would pass along a few of the noteworthy entries I’ve read this week.