Over the last few years, my kids have started to get interested in this “thing” called a blog. “What do you write about?”

Um, employment law issues, I’d reply. And then I’d say something about how I talk about things that happen at work.

Recently, they asked if I had written about their passion.  (Disappointingly, when I said I had already written about the Yankees, they said that wasn’t what they were talking about.)

No, they were talking about Minecraft.

Which led me on down a strange path of asking myself why any self-respecting employment lawyer would write about a computer game in the first place?  (Though I’ve written about such games before). But also asking whether employers should even care about this game.

I think I have the answers to both, but let me first fill you in on what  I’m talking about.Continue Reading What an Employment Lawyer Can Learn From Minecraft (or Not)