Thank you to all the attendees of our webinar earlier this afteroon on "Ricci v. DeStefano – What Employers to Know".  The attendance was up substantially over our first webinar and the feedback has been terrific.

In case you missed it, however, you’re not out of luck.  You can view and download the Powerpoint slides of the presentation through a link here. You can also view and download the complete presentation (with audio) through a link here.  My only request is that if you find the materials helpful, please drop me a line so we can continue to provide useful, relevant content for our readers.

My thanks as well to my colleague Adam Mocciolo for his significant contributions.

Our next webinar is scheduled for August 12, 2009 at noon EST and is tentatively scheduled to tackle the issues Connecticut employers face in dealing with both the federal and state FMLA laws and regulations (which now differ in some significant ways).  We may make a last minute substitution of the topic if there are any late breaking legal developments (which tends not to happen in August). 

Look for details on the blog soon.