Given the typically slower summer months, I’m going to highlight some basic Connecticut employment laws that most employers should be familiar with (but that some may not).  Picking up on yesterday’s post, it’ll be entitled "The Basics" and hopefully will run at least once every week.

Today’s topic: Weekly Payment of Wages.

Photo credit: Morguefile

Connecticut law (Conn. Gen. Stat. 31-71b) provides that employers in Connecticut have to pay their employees on a weekly basis. Not every other week. Not twice a month.

For multi-state employers on may have a bi-weekly payroll schedule across the country, this can cause a few headaches (though most payroll companies have long since been able to adapt payroll schedules on a state-by-state basis). 

But of course, there’s a big exception to this:  Employers can ask the Department of Labor for a waiver. Conn. Gen. Stat. 31-71i provides that the department  has the discretion to grant or deny such a waiver, so long as the employee is paid at least once a month.  

To request a bi-weekly payment schedule, in fact, the Conn. DOL has set up an online form that the employer can fill out; these requests are typically granted by the CTDOL.  

For employers who request a semi-monthly or even monthly pay schedules, those requests have to be sent directly to the Department of Labor. Those are typically scrutinized in much more detail and there ought to be a pretty good rationale behind that request.