Busy end to the week so here’s a quick recap of some of the stories I’ve been hoping to write further about but have run out of time.  There’s also a link or two to other stories of interest in Connecticut.

  • For those dealing with labor unions, the DC Employment Law Update notes that a new final rule from the government released yesterday revokes "the requirement that federal contractors inform employees of their rights regarding the payment of union dues or fees."

The blog also notes that it revokes another prior executive order from the Bush Administration that "had required that federal contractors post a notice to its employees informing them that: (1) they are not required to join or maintain membership in a labor union; and (2) that those who are not union members – but are nonetheless required to pay dues or fees pursuant to a union security agreement – can object to paying a portion of those dues or fees to support activities that are not related to collective bargaining, contract administration or grievance adjustment."

  • The EEOC has outlined its regulatory agenda for early 2010. Workplace Prof has the details.
  • The DOL has posted a few more nuggets of guidance about the COBRA subsidy now that it is starting to expire for some.  
  • Intermittent leave is among the toughest parts of FMLA to oversee. HR Daily Advisor has some very helpful nuggets to try to make it a little easier.
  • The Wait a Second blog (really one of the underrated blogs out there) provides a recap of a recent Second Circuit decision of Young v. Cooper Cameron Corp., in which the court ruled that the Fair Labor Standards Act does not exempt workers whose job skills are not customarily the product of advanced educational training.
  • In case you missed it, there was a fun article in the Connecticut Law Tribune a few weeks back about two employment lawyers in the state who have found something in common besides the law. I know both David Rintoul and Mickey Busca and their new venture certainly allows them to "toot their own horn."  Kudos to the both of them.
  • And finally, in light of the first night of Hanukkah tonight, let me extend warm holiday greetings and pass along two links to recipes for holiday treats that I’ve seen over the last week — donuts and latkes.  The latke recipe is pretty close to my family’s secret recipe so it’s definitely worth a try.