Although many of you have come to rely on the Connecticut Employment Law Blog as your source of information on employment law, it’s always smart to look at other sources of information for a more complete picture.

Within the last few weeks, several articles have been recently published that are worth a look.

First, the Connecticut Law Tribune has published its quarterly Employment & Immigration Law supplement (download here). 

The articles touch on the same subjects I’ve covered here but also add another perspective as well. Among the topics covered: the New Domestic Violence Leave Act; Job Interviews & Social Media; Telecommuting; and Bonus Payments.  

The Connecticut Bar Association also recently published its summer 2010 edition of the Labor & Employment Law Quarterly (download here)

The articles this month include: Workplace Privacy & the Attorney-Client Privilege; the Interplay between Duress & Ratification in Employment Contracts; and How GINA Affects Connecticut Employers. 

Take note that the article on employment contracts is worth reading, if only for the fact that the author was kind enough to cite to this blog.

You also find other back issues of the CBA Labor & Employment Law Quarterly here. 

This may not be as compelling a beach read as, say, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but nevertheless, there’s probably something for every human resource professional to learn in the above publications.