The Connecticut Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Law Section is out with their quarterly publication on various employment law articles. Among the topics this quarter:

  • Connecticut’s Family Violence Leave Law
  • "This isn’t discriminatory — and I’m not going to investigate it!" Retaliation? Good policy?
  • The Definition of "Mental Disability" Under CFEPA
  • 2010 Legislative Wrapup

Hugh Murray’s article on mental disabilities is worth a particular read. It touches on a subject that I covered in some prior posts arising from the case of Curry v. Allan S. Goodman, Inc. (here) and (here). Notably, Hugh and I also discussed this issue in the context of nicotine dependence in a separate post too.

In essence, Hugh asks the question: Is it really a sound policy for Connecticut to say that conditions found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ("DSM") should be recognized as disabilities? What about, as Hugh asks, something like "pedophilia" or "voyeurism"?  It’s hard to say that the legislature has really thought about all the consequences.