Our monthly free monthly webinar series continues on Wednesday, December 8th at noon EST with a unique program on whether employers can adopt English-only rules.  You can register here to join us.  

This should be a terrific one-hour program that you can listen to during your lunch hour.  Even if you’re not considering adopting formal rules, sometimes these types of policies can get passed down informally.  Two of my colleagues, Rick Robinson and Megan Youngling Carannante will address the group; Rick obtained a favorable result for a client in one such case and we will be able to answer questions during the session.  

The program will review appellate decisions on the subject and the history of legislative and administrative developments.  The goals of the program are to equip practitioners and in-house counsel with the ability to answer their clients when they ask, “Are English- Only Rules legal?” and to identify the strategies they must follow when their clients say, “I want to fight to keep my rule.”  

Even pop culture is getting into the act.  A new song, "We No Speak Americano" has quickly become a favorite in the United States.  There are a few spots remaining for tomorrow’s program.  Don’t miss out.