United States District Court Judge Mark Kravitz passed away this week.  He had been fighting valiantly against ALS (or Lou Gehrig’s Disease). But for those of us familiar with the disease, it has no cure and death is, for most, only a matter of time.

The Connecticut Law Tribune posted an article last night remembering him, adding that Connecticut lawyers were “saddened” to hear of his passing.

Sad is certain the right adjective. Judge Kravitz was known for his brilliant mind and even-handed demeanor.   He epitomized the best qualities we seek in jurists: fair, bright, and respectful. 

In the employment law arena, he crafted numerous opinions that delved into topics such as whether the Pregnancy Discrimination Act covered employees who were no longer pregnant (yes), and whether a company’s failure to fill a posted position could constitute discrimination (no). 

His death leaves the federal court bench shorthanded

A sad day indeed.