generalassemblyThe Connecticut General Assembly is winding down in the next eight days, but not before some very significant legislation gets a thumbs up or down.

As discussed before, the legislature has already passed a bill expanding an employee’s online privacy interests.  That bill was signed by the governor on May 19th.  It goes into effect October 1st.

Also passed was Senate Bill 963, which adds labor history to the topics that schools are encouraged to teach.  The bill still awaits the governor’s signature.

So, what’s still alive?

  • Senate Bill 1044, which will impose a tax on certain employers who fail to pay their employees $15 per hour.  (See also House Bill 6791, which also tax certain employers in other circumstances for the same failure to pay workers $15/hour.)
  • Senate Bill 428, which would create protections for interns to be free of harassment.
  • Senate Bill 914, which would create mandatory double damages penalties for employers in wage/hour cases.
  • House Bill 6789, which would both limit and broaden the circumstances under which an employer can require an employee or job applicant to consent to a credit report request.  It has already passed the House.
  • House Bill 6850, which would afford employees more opportunities to discuss their wages, beyond what is already contemplated by federal law.

There are others too but these seem to be the most high-profile ones at the moment.

Stay tuned!