Today, I’ll be presenting on the topic of working remotely (i.e. telework) along with my colleagues Rauchell Beckford-Anderson, Bradley Harper and Louis Schatz.

If you missed it, you’ll be able to view it on demand here.  

The topic of remote work has certainly taken off during this pandemic.

But a few stats stood out for me researching this:

  • 83 percent of employers recently surveyed noted that remote work was a success for their company
  • Over 50 percent of employees surveyed want to continue to work remotely three days a week after the pandemic ends.
  • And yet, most executives (68 percent) believe people should be in the office three days a week after the pandemic ends.

Clearly there is a shift going on for many offices. (For others, in manufacturing, education or essential services, the change is more subtle.)

Employers should be mindful that remote work may need to be provided as an accommodation to disability requests more but still employers can insist that in-office work is preferred.

We’ll talk about this and more during the webinar. I hope you can join us.