A bill to provide mandatory paid sick leave to employees and a bill to provide greater protection to state whistleblowers were among the employment law-related bills that were not voted upon in the final day of the legislative session — effectively killing them. 

The Paid Sick Leave bill, S.B. 217, had passed the Senate last week, but the House did not bring the measure up for a vote. As I indicated yesterday, nearly 25 amendments had been proposed on it — a sign that the bill was going to be in for a long fight.  My earlier coverage of the bill is available here. CT News Junkie has a report on it as well.

The Whistleblower bill, S.B. 335, had also passed the Senate, but again, the House did not act on that provision either. My earlier coverage of the bill is available here.

Other bills that were not acted upon by the legislature include: a Workplace Bullying bill; a bill protecting child in the entertainment industry from child labor abuses; and a bill to allow workers to be paid by a pay or debit card.

One bill that did pass this week allows for the regulation of various professional service organizations and about employee misclassification (H.B. 5113).  I’ll cover that in further detail in an upcoming post.