Although we already have record registration for our next webinar (scheduled for Wednesday, August 12th at noon EDT), it’s not too late to register here. At this webinar, I’ll discuss the basics of some of the most popular social media platforms (like Twitter) and the effect and implications that these sites have on your workplace.  

The webinar will also discuss potential policies and procedures that can be implemented to ensure that your company takes advantage of the latest technologies (while keeping productivity and security high).  

Although the webinar will have a Connecticut base, it’ll discuss laws that affect employers nationwide.  And most importantly, my first hand experience with these sites can hopefully separate out fact from fiction.

Best of all: The webinar is free of charge.

For extra credit ahead of the webinar, there are a few sources that I’d recommend reading:

  • Want to see a company policy that provides guidelines instead of merely a list of restrictions? We’ll take a look at the social media policy created by IBM.  While it needs to be tailored to a particular company, it discusses a lot of concepts that are important to get. 
  • Looking for another alternative? Doug Cornelius of the Compliance Building blog, has his own set of suggestions for a social media policy. It’s well worth taking a look.  A more recent example is Connecticut’s own ESPN; its set of guidelines are a bit more restrictive, which makes sense given that the  company that is in the business of providing content. 

I look forward to having you on the webinar. If you have any questions (particularly those you’d like discussed at the webinar), feel free to send me a message on Twitter @danielschwartz or e-mail at