Keeping track of workplace posters is assuredly one of the most mundane aspects for a human resources department but for the next few weeks, perhaps it’ll get a little more exciting.

For the first time in a while, employers that are covered by federal anti-discrimination laws (typically 15 or more employees) will need to update their posters to address two new laws. The ADA Amendments Act and the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act (GINA).

Because of this, the EEOC has updated its mandatory posting (which is available on its website).  Employers can either supplement their existing posters with the new information or print out new posters that address all of the laws in a comprehensive fashion. 

Employers can also order copies of the poster for free from the EEOC website Thus, while some companies may charge up to $75 for the posters and "compliance services", the EEOC has said that that these posters can be used free of charge from their website.

The new posting is mandatory effective November 21, 2009.