As we wrap up a week with, go figure, more rain, we’re starting to get deep into the important part of the year: The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

The House that Ruth Built

In the meantime, here are a few odds and ends you might have missed or you might be interested in surrounding the world of employment law:

  • Giving employee’s time off as a reasonable accommodation under the ADA is not new.  But recently, the EEOC held a hearing on it and released a press release reminding employers about it.   If you need a reminder about it, Lili Palacios Baldwin of the BLEG Blog, has a good recap with some pointers for employers.
  • Law review articles are not for everyone, but I’m guessing that somewhere out there is a person who has always dreamed about getting something in print. If so, this bullet point is for you.  Jason Tenenbaum (who you can follow on Twitter) sent me this call for articles:

The Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal invites submissions for its Fall 2011 issue on all topics relating to labor and employment law. The issue is tentatively scheduled for publication in early December 2011. Additionally, we are specifically seeking articles on the topic of the intersection between labor and employment law and the financial sector for our symposium to be held in November 2011. While we prefer completed papers, authors interested in the symposium but whose articles are not yet ready for publication are encouraged to contact us as we are still seeking participants/contributors. We ask that all articles be submitted by August 15, 2011. Please submit your manuscripts (along with any appropriate supporting documents) or any questions to Ashley Behre, Managing Editor of Articles, at Thank you for your interest.