Last year, I published a series of posts about the Connecticut Bar Association’s breakfast with NLRB Region 34 Director Jonathan Kreisberg.

Kreisberg repeated that breakfast earlier this week. Although I was unable to personally attend, breakfast organizer Nicole Bernabo was kind enough to recap the event and agreed to share her recollections for the blog.

Breakfast with NLRB

Kreisberg indicated that with the possibility of federal budget cuts and reorganization, it was certainly possible that the Hartford regional office will be considered for elimination.

Kreisberg was quick to emphasize that this is not likely in the near future. But one possible outcome would be that the state would be split between two regions — Boston and New York — as was the case before NLRB Region 34 was established.

As for the proposed election rule that is now under consideration, Kreisberg indicated that he was not sure whether they would be published before year end. Given the political climate and the fact that there are only three board members presently, it is unclear, however, whether these changes would take place. While Kreisberg indicated that the proposed changes were significant, he thought that the impact on Region 34’s ability to administer these shortened election periods was unlikely to be significant.

Kreisberg also spoke at length regarding the recent General Counsel memorandum on social media cases. As he has noted before, companies should tailor their policies to narrowly meet its needs.

As he noted last year as well, he emphasized his belief that– given the right circumstances — the NLRB’s case in Register Guard will be overturned. These types of cases have to be sent to Washington, DC for additional guidance and advice.

Overall, the breakfast was a successful and well-attended event.  Kudos to the CBA for putting programs like this on.