Today, I had the opportunity to speak at a seminar on Goofs and Gaffes in Social Media at the Social Media Summit sponsored by the Hartford Business Journal.   In my section, I focused on the importance of developing a social media policy.

I’ve talked about it before on the blog, but there are a few resources that I promised attendees I would post. If you didn’t get to attend today, you can benefit from them as well.

First, if you’re looking for a company that has a good social media policy, you could do a lot worse than looking at IBM’s. But as I noted at the seminar today, understand that IBM calls them “guidelines”; that makes a difference in approach at a company.

But if you’re looking for something a little more legally-minded, I’ve got another tip: Molly DiBianca–over at the Delaware Employment Law Blog– has posted a pretty good sample social media policy as well.

In our presentation today, we also referenced the recent kerfuffle with a Google engineer who posted about Google Plus.  You can learn more about THAT story here.

We took video of the presentations and we’ll have it up on YouTube soon.  My thanks to Andrea Obston and Gillian Kenny of Site-Seeker for joining me in the presentation.  Learned a lot from them.

As a reminder, I’ve got two additional presentations next one: One at the Business Women’s Forum, and one at the CHRO.  Look forward to seeing you there.