I’m looking forward to speaking tomorrow evening to the Staffing Management Association of Southern New England on how social media is impacting the hiring process.

You can find details of the event here. 

While I won’t give away all the secrets of my presentation here, it’s fair to say that employers shouldn’t throw out all the rules that they have followed for the hiring process just because social media is new.

For example, failing to hire an applicant because they posted a picture showing his or her participation in a gay pride parade may be viewed as discriminating against someone because of their sexual orientation (which is prohibited in Connecticut). 

So, where does that leave employers? Is it okay to “Google” an applicant to see what turns up? What are the risks of doing so? And where does the Fair Credit Reporting Act fit into all of this?

We’ll talk about all of this and more tomorrow.  But feel free to add your tips for employers when using social media in the hiring process in the comment section below.