Twitter is one of the more remarkable creations to come out of the last decade.  It’s huge, noisy, and hard to keep track of.

It is also one of the most delicious communication tools ever invented.

A tweet from earlier today confirmed my view of it.

Chai Feldblum, who describes herself on her Twitter profile as the “first out (lesbian) EEOC Commissioner (with a disability)” is one of our public servants who has embraced the new technology. 

She tweeted earlier today that:

It struck me as a laudable goal for the EEOC to focus – the prevention of sexual harassment – instead of spending all of the time investigating such claims.  So I retweeted it. 

Commissioner Feldblum was kind enough to respond further with more information:

And just like that, information from the EEOC gets conveyed nationally and within an hour, I’ve heard from an EEOC Commssioner.  Now, imagine dealing an EEOC Commissioner 20 years ago.  By letter, perhaps? Think how long that would take!

From my perspective, one way the EEOC’s resources could best be used is by creating easy-to-use and understand materials for sexual harassment prevention training.  These could be posted on the website and the EEOC could even create an online interactive learning tool that employers could have their employees use. 

Right now, employers are left to fend for themselves.  Yes, they can use the EEOC’s Training Institute (mostly for a fee), but taking those materials into the 21st century would make those materials more available to the general public. 

So, to complete the circle, I now forward this on to you.  What would you like to see the EEOC do to help prevent sexual harassment? You can post them in the comments below or e-mail it directly to

Or better yet, tweet her at @chaifeldblum. 

If an EEOC Commissioner can tweet, so can you.