On Thursday, April 18th, the Westchester/Southern Connecticut Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel (known as “WESFACCA”) holds an event that you’re not going to want to miss.

Entitled “KEEP IT SECRET. KEEP IT SAFE. Privacy Developments, Requirements and Practical Applications for Corporate Legal Counsel”, the day-long program in Darien, Connecticut, will focus on things employers must know about the developments in privacy law, including social media. 

Details on the program are available here. 

I’ll be speaking in the session before lunch on “Privacy in the Workplace.”  In our hour-long session, we will cover a variety of topics including:

  • BYOD (bring your own device);
  • Privacy considerations when employees use their own devices for work purposes;
  • Monitoring of employee activity inside & outside the company;
  • Social networks – the ownership debate between personal and company information;
  • Compensation laws and Internet activity outside the company;
  • Protecting the privacy of employees’ own data;

I’ll have some additional thoughts in a post this week about the topic, but if you haven’t signed up already, it’s not too late.