Trick or treat?

The last two years, it hasn’t been much fun to celebrate Halloween in Connecticut. Between the freak Snowtober storm and then Superstorm Sandy, it’s nice to have a relatively quiet year.

But for employers, this whole “back to normal” thing could lead to unintended consequences.

So, on this Halloween, it’s worth revisiting two older posts that look at the dark side of Halloween.

Back in 2008, I looked at costumes in the workplace.  While overall, costumes can be harmless, they can lead to unintentional consequences — particularly when that one employee is dressed as a “Naughty Nurse”. 

And then in 2010, I recounted case after case where events on Halloween served as the basis for a discrimination or harassment lawsuit. 

Of course, this topic continues to make headlines as one follower noted on Twitter.  Want to know the “Pros and Cons” of dressing up today? Take a look here.

So, I wish you more treats than tricks today. And for human resources personnel everywhere, I wish you good luck getting through today.