Without any fanfare, the Connecticut Department of Labor has recently updated their separation packets, that include the so-called “Pink Slips”.

Employers must start using this packet immediately on a going-forward basis.

Previously, there was a category of “layoff” but the new form has eliminated that checkbox, and replaced it with “leave of absence”.  This is a welcome change because the “layoff” and “lack of work” always seemed a bit duplicative.

There are also still categories for “lack of work” “voluntarily leaving” and “discharge/separation”, along with the catch-all “other” but the “leave of absence” stands out in this pandemic.

Employers that are using furloughs should check off the “leave of absence” box.

A furlough is, after all, basically a forced unpaid leave of absence by the employer. The employee is eligible for unemployment benefits and the DOL form now makes this clear.  (Note, employees on furlough will also not be eligible for paid leave benefits under the FFCRA as the recent DOL guidance notes.)

You can download the packet here, and just the form here.