Over the weekend, Governor Ned Lamont issued the latest batch of rules for businesses that can reopen on June 17th.  You can find them all here.

The rules are, in many ways, a natural extension of the rules for essential and Phase One businesses.

For example, businesses that open will do so at the state’s “strictest controls on business operations and societal interaction”.  This includes:

  • Capacity limit of 50% for most businesses that reopen.
  • Strict cleaning and disinfection protocols in all settings.
  • Importantly, those that can work from home should continue to do so.
  • Similarly, those in high risk groups and over the age of 65 “should also continue to stay safe and stay home”.
  • Facemasks should continue to be worn in public at all times.

The following sectors will be allowed to reopen in a limited capacity on June 17, 2020:

  • Amusement Parks (Outdoor only and limited to 25% capacity)
  • Hotels / Lodging
  • Restaurants (Now including Indoor and limited to 50% capacity)
  • Indoor museums, zoos, and aquariums (limited to 50% capacity)
  • Indoor recreation (e.g., bowling, movie theaters, etc.) (limited to 50% capacity)
  • Libraries
  • Outdoor events (subject to existing and future gathering size limits promulgated by Executive Orders)
  • Personal services (e.g., nail salons, tattoo parlors, etc.)
  • Sports and fitness facilities (e.g., gyms, fitness centers, pools, etc.) (limited to 50% capacity)

Businesses that plan to reopen should ensure compliance with a long list of rules including:

  • Create a plan for reopening and share with all employees
  • Appoint a program administrator who is accountable for implementing the rules
  • Institute a training program and ensure employee participation
  • Provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment to all employees
  • Maintain a log of employees on-premises over time, to support contact tracing
  • Stagger shifts, breaks, and lunch times to minimize contact between employees
  • Complete the self-certification on the DECD website to receive a Reopen CT badge

In many respects, the reopening plans of the state have worked well overall. Yes, there have been tweaks along the way — including a delay in implementation of the rules for hair salons and barbers — but businesses are adapting.