If you thought the new Biden White House would take it easy on the use of Executive Orders, you haven’t been paying attention.  President Biden has been indicating that he would use Executive Orders liberally in the first few days to either develop policy or turn around policies that he believes should be revoked.

The first week has brought a series of orders that address topics from sexual orientation, to the pandemic, to wage increases.

My colleagues, Keegan Drenosky and Sarah Westby, and I have tried to recap the Executive Orders to date in a post on our sister firm blog, Employment Law Letter earlier today.

Employers in Connecticut have already had to comply with the Sector Rules put in place to operate during this pandemic through Governor Lamont’s own Executive Orders.  Some other states have enacted similar rules, including New York.  Thus, employers will need to ensure that they are complying with both federal and state rules.

I’ll be talking more about this on Friday, with Eric Meyer, an attorney at FisherBroyles who runs the Employer Handbook blogYou can find the registration information (free!) here.

And speaking of Executive Orders, Governor Lamont indicated on Monday that he plans to extend the emergency orders another 10 weeks (from February 9 to April 20).  So we’ll watch for that language in the upcoming days.

Suffice to say that for employers, the new Biden administration will bring changes to a wide swath of employment law policies.

Stay tuned.